Mood, Stress, and Sleep

All-or-Nothing Thinking, or Black and White Thinking, is when we misinterpret a continuous situation as only having dichotomous outcomes. Everyone engages in this type of thinking every now and then, but it can become a problem when these thoughts become too incessant.
Catastrophizing is a thinking pattern that assumes the worst scenario is the most likely outcome. Catastrophic worrying is linked to a myriad of mental health problems, especially those that are related to mood, such as anxiety and depression. So how do we stop?
Do you struggle with praise? Why is accepting praise so difficult for some people? How do we get better at receiving positive feedback from others?

Such a simple and natural exchange, isn't? If someone apologizes to us, our typical response is to say "it's okay." But what if that person never apologizes? Your mom who overlooked you your whole life. Your friend who spoke poorly of you behind your back. Your partner who cheated on you. What if they never apologize? Do you still say, "it's okay?"...