To those thinking about therapy:

Have you ever wondered...

"Why can't I be like this or like that?"

"What's wrong with me? Is there something about me that needs to be fixed?"

"No matter how hard I try, there's always something I'm not satisfied with myself"

The thing is, there's nothing needed to be "fixed", and neither do you need to be someone else.

Everyone is so different with idiosyncratic way of behaving, thinking and functioning, so there's no "one-size-fits-all" solution for everyone.

The point is get to know the way you are, and thus you'll know how to make the best decision for yourself. Take the initiative to deal with the situation, do something make yourself feel good about yourself rather than being controlled by situation.

The current pace of life makes it difficult for us to truly connect with ourselves or allow space for feeling less than okay.

The discomfort you're feeling now is proof that you're in the process of trying to change and actually changing. It's evidence and signal of your healing power naturally born with you inside.

Counseling provides a space for yourself, where, at least for a while, you can separate from all the distractions of daily life, allowing you to explore your concerns in depth. Throughout this process, you're not alone; there's someone there to accompany you step by step to figure all the mess out.

Let's come figure yourself out and create a manual of your own.

" Cause you're amazing. Just the way you are."


  • National Taipei University of Education, Department of Psychology and Counseling, MA.


  • Licensed Counseling Psychologist in Taiwan, R.O.C. No. 004068

Clinical Experiences

  • Counseling Psychologist for Foreign Students at National Chengchi University Health Center
  • Resident Psychologist at the Ministry of Education Student Counseling Center in Hsinchu & Yilan District


  • Relationship Issues: Intimacy, Couple & Family, Workplace

Feeling tired of life often seeming like playing out the same old tune repeatedly? Some interactions in relationships feel like endless cycles without clear problems to pinpoint. Sometimes, unknowingly repeating certain behavioral patterns actually may make sense to you in some way. It might be worthwhile to explore this further here.

  • Emotions: Anxiety & Depression Coping

Emotions are how our body and mind communicate with us. Similar to how a baby is soothed when its needs are met, our emotions are the inner voice of our needs. However, many of us are often unfamiliar with our own emotions and struggle to respond to them. Each person's emotional landscape is unique and worth taking the time to listen to and understand.

  • Self-Exploration: Sense of Meaninglessness, Career Exploration and Planning, Self-Understanding

Feeling unsure about yourself, experiencing unexplained sadness or anxiety? Often feeling like nowhere to find purpose or meaning in life, and not sure how to discuss or explore these feelings? Any emotion or feeling you have is an important entry point to understanding yourself better. Meaning usually is hard to "be found", but can "be created" through action. If you are not sure how to begin, feel free to discuss it here.

  • Other: Body Image Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive/Procrastination/Addictive Behaviors

Behavior is often just the surface; behind every instance of procrastination, compulsion, or addiction lies a different story. While they may all look like procrastination, each person's procrastination can vary differently. Understanding the truth behind these behaviors is key to knowing how to respond to and take care of yourself.

  • Couple & Teenager Counseling, Cross-Cultural Adjustment, Adaptation Stress

Professional Trainings

  • 30-hour Advanced Group Supervision for Family Therapists
  • 96-hour Family Therapist Basic Training Course

Therapeutic Orientation

  • Family and Couple Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Post-Modern/Systematic approach
  • Mindfulness Interventions
  • Expressive Art and Material



2500 NTD/50mins


4000 NTD/80mins


4000 NTD/80mins